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The success of your business depends on your product showcases.

Traditional single frame photography lacks movement and interactivity. Make your products come alive with 360 degree animated photography. Each 360 degree presentation contains multiple shots of the product from every angle. Areas of interest in the images can be clickable hotspots that present your visitors with even more information, such as special product features or specifications, detailed close-up shots, text and sound. These hotspots can also incorporate hyperlinks to external web pages.

Seamless Integration Across All Platforms.

The popular cross-browser Adobe Flash based presentation provides true 3D experience for products with intricate detail as images from all the angles seamlessly combine for smooth animation, rotation, panning, and zoom with an intuitive interface. The result is like holding a virtual product in your hands allowing for complete inspection from all sides and experience the full range of motion that your product can demonstrate.

Fully Equipped Professional Photography Studio. operates a state of the art photography studio, enabling the creation of interactive 3D product showcases at a cost competitive price. Murray Case, a professional Melbourne advertising photographer brings 28 years of experience to oversee all aspects of your project.

Whether your company needs compelling product shots for packaging and advertising or engaging 3D product demos for the web - or both - delivers solutions with the high quality and professional attitude your product deserves.

Leading Edge Solutions.

Very few photography studios in the world have the capability to offer both still photography and interactive photography of our quality. Appreciate the benefits of shooting dynamic packaging photos and interactive 360degree photography all in one studio at one time providing cost savings and a consistent look and feel to your brand across all media.

Technical Details.

For further technical and cost information, please read our FAQ.

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